Flipped and Collaborative Learning


In  I have touched a bit about my concerns of the most common classroom and what I had gone through with my class (practically during the first 5 years of my teaching experience): 

  1.  If the exercises and discussions are the keys for the students to better understand the subject, can we do it the other way round?
  2.  Can we focus more on these activities (problem solving and discussions) in the class and let the students study the materials outside the class?

This was the idea to the concept of the Flipped Classroom or later appropriately called Flipped Learning.

This pedagogy style was first promoted by the Woodland Park High School chemistry teachers named Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams where, in 2007, they recorded their lectures and posted them online in order to accommodate students who missed their classes.

Since then, the community of educators adopting this method is growing and the effectiveness and the impact on the student’s learning are continued to be discussed scientifically.

Movie 3.1 explains the concept of flipped classroom interactively.